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  1. Grant AllaboutArsenal Grant AllaboutArsenal

    i told u i am 24

  2. AFCFinch AFCFinch


  3. MorningSanFrancisco MorningSanFrancisco

    can you tell me how old you are?

  4. Edbuoy44 Edbuoy44

    the team is in need of a striker, a playmaking midfielder, an attacking winger, and a good center back.

  5. BmxDom2k10 BmxDom2k10

    Should have been 2-1

  6. MrCescFabby MrCescFabby

    I think Gervinhos failure to finish is very disappointing. Yes, he might be skillful on the flanks and all, but when it comes to defending he can be real lazy . So how ?

  7. Kunat S.Vanakul Kunat S.Vanakul

    I think koscielny is one of the most underrated players in ther premier league. RIP Gary Speed

  8. Grant AllaboutArsenal Grant AllaboutArsenal

    i know, i agree with u about Kos being at right back

  9. Kunat S.Vanakul Kunat S.Vanakul

    Great vlog! I thought the game was disapointing because if we won it we would move above Liverpool. Personally, I think Djourou had a good game but I still prefer Koscielny at the right back role.

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