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  1. axelorourke axelorourke

    Check Ian out in his first feature film Gun of The Black Sun getting great reviews trailer on You Tube

  2. moggehaha moggehaha

    Chicken Tonight with Ian Wright.@Facebook LIKE the main page!

  3. potentperson potentperson

    I do actually feel like chicken tonight now…not doing the dance though. There’s just no need.

  4. natsannho natsannho

    lmao loved this advert

  5. Leviticus1933 Leviticus1933

    Ian wright… I became a gooner after his era, but this is classic. lol

  6. RedDaVincy RedDaVincy

    @JimmyHopkins2 They eat it

  7. TheInstantClassic1 TheInstantClassic1

    LOL, Ian Wright is such British HAM

  8. TlGBC TlGBC

    he even eats in a british accent

  9. Thedespell Thedespell


  10. surfdanang surfdanang

    what a c***!

  11. racingfan2k10 racingfan2k10

    Ian wright wright wright!

  12. ivangrozny27 ivangrozny27

    utterly embarassing….

  13. talktolizzy talktolizzy

    now I feel like chicken tonight.

  14. hatrickp hatrickp

    The ad break section of this is one of the funniest things EVER and has been stuck in my head for almost 10 years 😀
    “One feels like chicken tonight, like chicken toniiiiiiiight… CHICKEN TONIGHT!!!”

  15. shakiMiki shakiMiki

    @Soberirrishman He is an utter knob. Entering Tim Westwood zone of idiocy.

  16. Soberirrishman Soberirrishman

    i cannot believe how much of a wanker he is in this ad…

  17. JimmyHopkins2 JimmyHopkins2

    wuts w/ black people n chicken???

  18. christophermennie christophermennie

    @BigEvil1081 That would be funny but I’m not sure he’d see the funny side. I don’t think his friends have or ever will let him live this episode down

  19. BigEvil1081 BigEvil1081

    One day I hope Ian Wright does on MOTD and I hope they show him this hahaha!

  20. biohazardgraphics biohazardgraphics

    Did they obtain permission from Victor Lewis-Smith to use the Associated-Rediffusion star?

  21. xihopeyouchoke xihopeyouchoke


  22. Contrajoe Contrajoe

    I loved the part at 1:35:50

  23. Contrajoe Contrajoe

    I want to make a 10:00 poop of this.

  24. AndrewJimScott AndrewJimScott

    Negro is crap?

  25. hatrickp hatrickp

    One feels like chicken tonight, like chicken tonight… CHICKEN TONIGHT!!!

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