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  1. nobaccos nobaccos


  2. mizofan mizofan

    Beckham would not have gone to USA if determined to be selected for England and Britain. He preferred money, glamour and being an international marketing brand. He failed to get past the 1/4 finals in several major finals, and got England ko’d twice- sent off v Argentina, and a terrible penalty miss.

    Pearce was right to pick Giggs and Bellamy as they still play in a top league, and have justified their selection in the matches so far. Beckham should be glad he was in the opening ceremony

  3. anditube79 anditube79

    beckham shud fuck off,he has nowt tot do with olympics WSE tosser

  4. AndreasIreland AndreasIreland

    Pearce’s decision to not include him was obviously the correct choice as he knows the form of the players better than any one of us.
    And for the english lesson….well it is  “he should HAVE been included ..” is what you meant, not “of been” lol

  5. Lynne Heal Lynne Heal

    he should of been included DAVID BECKHAM

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