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  1. hand2gland hand2gland

    how DID I find this ?



  3. risteard01 risteard01

    ah, its not bad. I prefer the Danny Rampling mixes though

  4. maradona524 maradona524

    No fucking wonder ian wright was shit in a england shirt what the fuck is this LOL

  5. UncleMikeNJ UncleMikeNJ

    As a singer, Wrighty… makes a great football player. If he said, “Give us a sign, Dennis” at the end of this, the sign Bergkamp would have held up would say STOP.

  6. Milevskiy Milevskiy

    Epic greatness.

  7. byan85 byan85

    House classic

  8. henrycaville henrycaville

    shame on queen lowe for this

  9. OutForAMeal OutForAMeal

    Worst song of all time and the singing is fucking bollocks.

  10. Marmalade000000 Marmalade000000

    I used to LOVE this song!!! Last time I heard it was 16 years ago!!!

  11. Bobbywoodhogan Bobbywoodhogan

    I love this song, its so hard to get though

  12. siebenstain siebenstain

    ‘Do The Right Thing’ was written by Chris Lowe / Ian Wright / Kutner and produced by Chris Lowe

  13. erikdonoso erikdonoso

    this was produced by Chris Lowe (Pet Shop Boys)

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