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  1. chrisgray70 chrisgray70

    What. A. Goal.

  2. HitMeQuick HitMeQuick

    “Arsenal with the direct route again” With such a small ground at Highbury alot of people didn’t notice that Tony Adams simply hoofed every ball to Ian Wright and Alan ‘Brummie’ Smith. Which, when you think about it, was sensible when you had a midfield of Steve Morrow and Perry Groves. I’d miss them out too. Arsenal? Bag of wank that belong in Woolwich (or France if you’re a recent Wenger convert)

  3. stylinthegreat stylinthegreat

    loved his football and that was one of his best goals

  4. MrDoncos MrDoncos

    Legend as a player but a wanker as a person.

  5. captaintefal captaintefal

    great player, dirty bastard though

  6. csecfab4 csecfab4

    ian wright best player ever fans fav!!

  7. arsenal2death arsenal2death

    great goal and fuk chelsea cuz they arent shit compared to Arsenal and wright just try to make comparisons u dumb fuk gooner till i die

  8. youngstunner27 youngstunner27

    Chelsea fucks arsenal by behind

  9. themodelcitizen2 themodelcitizen2


  10. richcrazylegs richcrazylegs

    remember that goal is if it was yesterday. superb

  11. MuNkYBizNess MuNkYBizNess

    Ian wright was a genius, such a legend… gunners till i die

  12. mzcraze mzcraze

    dat was a great goal

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