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  1. Jay Patel Jay Patel

    Lol the ending´╗┐

  2. urbanadvocateuk urbanadvocateuk

    Fantastic interview.

  3. The Liquidator The Liquidator

    Lampard 205 goals for Chelsea. Ian Wright 185 goals for Arsenal. Now let
    that sink in.

  4. Vince Jones Vince Jones

    love frank proper pro

  5. lleytonroger lleytonroger

    dont ask for thumbs up

  6. Lee Quinn Lee Quinn

    I don’t know why but I really want to play a game of snooker with ian wright

  7. CFC till i die' CFC till i die'

    Frankie lamps whata don!

  8. C.W P C.W P

    I’m not into role models and stuff like that but if there’s anyone I know
    I’d want to be like its Frank Lampard.

  9. aluckypanda aluckypanda

    Absolutely fantastic. Would love to see more interviews like this one,
    Wrighty on fine form.

  10. MrDarcoxp MrDarcoxp

    CFC legend <3

  11. lovingeri lovingeri

    thumbs if super franky is ur inspiration

  12. ciarakavanagh101 ciarakavanagh101

    Frank lampard is such a BANG UGH!! 3

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