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  1. Martin morris Martin morris

    has it started??

  2. Michael Harris Michael Harris

    Popcorn? Check. Ice cold beverage? Check. Ready to watch the revolution? Check!!!!!

  3. Curtis Pashley-Browning Curtis Pashley-Browning

    My favourite player of all time. Buzzing for this.

  4. thegaffer thegaffer

    We’re looking forward to being involved. Very excited!

  5. TheArmoryVlog TheArmoryVlog

    Gonna be good!

  6. The12thMen The12thMen

    Can’t wait to be involved. Fans deserve a voice on the big football discussions #ClubTogether

  7. runer131 runer131


  8. Fay Xaan Fay Xaan

    We do..

  9. Ball Street Ball Street

    nice one! send us your thoughts

  10. Joe Cameron Joe Cameron

    Looking forward to it

  11. Ball Street Ball Street

    Thanks mate. Can’t wait to get started!

  12. A Football Report A Football Report

    Love the love, Wrighty. See you there.

  13. Ball Street Ball Street

    Boom! Thanks for the love!

  14. Goal Goal

    We love Ian Wright can’t wait!

  15. Ball Street Ball Street

    Nice one guys. Love your stuff too.

  16. Football Daily Football Daily

    Looking forward to this guys!

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