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  1. eyesea eyesea

    lol you should read up about the origins of arsenal… money.. and how does arsenal get most of their top players? by snapping them up from abroad.

  2. CapiTen10 CapiTen10

    Ashley cole was englands best player imo over the course of a decade

  3. TheLazyAngel89 TheLazyAngel89

    Great player but Ashley Cole is definitely a twat.

  4. thekingofhighbury71 thekingofhighbury71

    Fuck off Wrighty you’re meant to be one of us and you’re biggin up that cunt

  5. Matt Wilson Matt Wilson

    Di Canio is a Twegend!!

  6. bmccormack2 bmccormack2


  7. xJakaayy xJakaayy

    Arsenal fans, never change

  8. gunnerjk gunnerjk

    Soz for all the spelling mistakes lol.

  9. gunnerjk gunnerjk

    I hate when people say “look what they have gone ok to win when test left arsenal, what a good decision.”
    If momey never ruined the game all these players we had would never have left and WE ARSENAL would have wom lots of stuff.
    So it’s bollocks. You cab leave and win stuff or you can stay and win stuff.
    Of course it’s hard for Arsenal when everyone leaves.
    In short Ian Wright chats a load of shit.

  10. gunnerjk gunnerjk

    Ian wright trying to say he is a hipster.

  11. Ball Street Ball Street

    Some saying t**t, some saying legend…or as David Bibby put it, “twegend”! Any more twegends out there?

  12. AgentMcQueen AgentMcQueen

    Oh please…

  13. sedlofotbal sedlofotbal

    He’s a twat.

  14. DjNayr91 DjNayr91

    Ashley is a twat. Plain and simple. They should stop kissing his arse because he is an all around cunt. What legend shoots a youth player with a air rifle…

  15. mrduccy x mrduccy x

    cashley is a twat!!

  16. jeezuscat09 jeezuscat09


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