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  1. Ammo Rahman Ammo Rahman

    Uruguay won the recent Copa America 2011, fourth in World Cup in 2010 and
    Italy were in the final of Euro 2012 and won the World Cup in 2006. Both
    were semi finalist of the Confederation Cup 2013. Italy got 4 World Cup and
    Uruguay won 2 World Cup. Both teams have experience playing in different
    European leagues. English players play in mid table English club, lack of
    experience in World Cup, Europa and champions league.

    England won’t win the World Cup and also won’t get out of their group.
    Obviously the panel on this show (ex England players and fans) will say
    England will win the World Cup. 

  2. rafarafina rafarafina

    Yeah he said ENgland would trash Portugal,how did that go?he said they
    would win the Euro 2004,then he said that about 2008 and they didn’t even
    qualify..his opinions is useless…

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