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Ian Wright Supports Ozil’s Talents

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Ian Wright has earned every right to be considered a legend at Arsenal.

For him to have expressed admiration for a fellow player is definitely a rare occurrence. He has stated that Mesut Ozil has playing skills that are admirable and he would love to play alongside the man. The match that Germany has scheduled with Slovakia in Euro 2016, Wright has been talking about the best players of Germany and how some of them are assets and wonderfully skilled teammates whom he wishes he had the honor of playing alongside with.

Wright expressed admiration for the playmaker of Gunners even though he had not been able to score a penalty shot in the last tie situation that arose. It is well that a legendary player has stood by someone who needed less of criticism and more of encouragement for the forthcoming matches. Indeed, with different players coming under pressure as the quarter finals of Euro 2016 proceed, it is important that their confidence levels are kept boosted at all times.

The Gunners were able to qualify for the quarter finals and an upcoming encounter is expected to wither the team of Italy or Spain. Wright talked about Ozil’s contribution and stated that he needs to be given space and time in order to get the right opportunity to hit. He was full of praises of Mesut Ozil who has gained the reputation of a star player on his own right in the Arsenal team. Wright talked about Ozil’s contribution to the team and how he will prove to be an asset if he is used right. Indeed, Arsene Wenger would have been thrilled to have Wright and Ozil be part of the same team that would have beaten all odds in every match.