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  1. svennbreng svennbreng

    You have 1.Massive immigration, 2.To white countries only 3. Border laws suspended Coupled with: 4.Forced integration 5.Racial preference to non-whites 6.Coerced tolerance 7.Socially engineered assimilation/genetic blendingWhat is the end result of diversity?Genocide, white genocide

  2. WarriorDude1xyz WarriorDude1xyz

    You are justifying White-genocide because of “outsourcing”? You are justifying White-genocide with “simple economics”? You are justifying White-genocide with “immigration is human right” when everyone reading this knows what you advocate is non-White immigration into White countries and ONLY White countries is a “human right”. You’d NEVER advocate the “human right” of hundreds of millions of Chinese pouring into Nigeria and “assimilating” with the Nigerians — it’s GENOCIDE!

  3. noel edmonds noel edmonds

    Was men against boys! nice to see wrighty lookin so dapper

  4. SupaFlyBoyZz699 SupaFlyBoyZz699

    watch 1:10 he meat if u missed he meant ireland

  5. BoysinGreenEURO2012 BoysinGreenEURO2012

    I think you totally missed what he was saying!

  6. bh635 bh635

    fuck you ian wright!! ireland are going through, come on ireland!!!!!!!

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