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  1. m0h1tD33pak m0h1tD33pak

    can just look at these vids and cry… wat wer arsenal and wat they r now…

  2. pr8m pr8m

    I was 15 and a jr.gunner. We went to Swindon on boxing day..was so cold and miserable. Ian Wright scored that crazy chip from outside the area. We were NOT miserable after that. Great memory…

  3. Manschaft13Legend Manschaft13Legend

    why didn’t Ian Wright play in world cup 98 ??

  4. gtjet1 gtjet1

    damn hes a good damn player underrated?i hardly ever heard of him

  5. niyi1tube niyi1tube

    Great player, thanks .

  6. KittenzAV2 KittenzAV2

    My friend just got me an autograph from him. He plays golf with my friend’s dad sometimes when he’s down here (the Bahamas). Apparently he’s a pretty good golfer too! It’s on the golf score card 🙂 what a legend

  7. MrRob0206 MrRob0206

    omg the chip at 1:05 :O

  8. Pivotist Pivotist

    Best chip shots.

  9. bofhead92 bofhead92

    How has he scored soooooo many chips?? :O

  10. wonderbrawl wonderbrawl

    I’m a Leeds fan, and I remember Ian Wright scoring an absolutely beautiful goal against us when Arsenal beat us 3-0. It was on 25/10/96 – I remember because it’s the day my parents got married! (Unfortunately I wasn’t allowed to go to the game, but I saw it on match of the day)

  11. arsenaljsutliffuk arsenaljsutliffuk

    @Tabish29 He played for Arsenal inbetween 1991-98, Wenger came in 1996 so his last two years were with Wenger

  12. 3eethr 3eethr

    brings a tear to my eye, 179 JUST DONE IT! get in wright lad.

  13. benmarks1984 benmarks1984

    the reason i started supporting arsenal as a kid

  14. Tabish29 Tabish29

    What eyars did Writie play for afc? I didnt see much of him in the Wenger era i believe.

  15. glassthurs58 glassthurs58

    5 people are Wrong Wrong Wrong

  16. rich0707 rich0707

    God is black and He has a gold tooth . . . Ian wright Wright Wright

  17. MegaCommenter100 MegaCommenter100

    @lbedi Henry who?

  18. Palacetilidie Palacetilidie

    palace legend 🙂

  19. northspaghetti northspaghetti

    @waffleleg He came through Crystal Palace though.

  20. Exalle Exalle

    ahhh, back in the day 🙂 Very glad i had the privilege of growing up idolising such a brilliant player and character

  21. theinquest theinquest

    4 people hit the dislike button by mistake.

  22. forbeso forbeso

    @MrRyan200 cheers pal, its was hurting my brain that one!

  23. MrRyan200 MrRyan200

    @forbeso EVERTON

  24. hsbpsy hsbpsy

    wow hes the best striker ive seen

  25. forbeso forbeso

    who was the third goal against?

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