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  1. mcjuvey1 mcjuvey1

    if you actually watch the video wrighty aint doing anything its the fat fuck who he was with!!

  2. ProperStuff ProperStuff

    @zatknight777 …….ZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzz….

  3. ohronaldo34 ohronaldo34

    I watched his show on 5….he should stick to kicking a ball around.

  4. raggies14 raggies14

    ian wright is a cunt

  5. zatknight777 zatknight777

    @mickey8971 – I hope you made your so called observation to the NCP manager. You an imbecile just like Wrighty. Bloody Slave descendants. The whites should used all of you to work teh plantations and then burn you scum alive.

  6. zatknight777 zatknight777

    Ian Wright is bufoon. The funny thing about West Indians like him and his sub-human friend is that their ancestors are African. The way most West Indians behave justify whta my grandfather say his great father told him that MOST SLAVES sold where the criminal and scum of Africa. Ian Wright and most west indians who stael, and can only sing and play sport justify that. We all hate getting parking tickets, but if do park illegally expect to get a fine..simple really.

  7. toweronepower toweronepower

    Ian wright is makes melinda messenger look clever.

  8. westminstercouncil westminstercouncil

    There is something about Westminster Council’s traffic wardens that makes citizens want to attack them.

  9. IronChapter IronChapter

    Check out that nosey cow coming across the road for a whiff of man sweat. Best thrill the hag had in year I bet.

    Shame on you Wrighty, should have booted that warden dead square in the nasties.

  10. SamGuest SamGuest

    And you should have stayed at school, you uneducated prat!

  11. energyjamz energyjamz

    I can understand the anger. No one likes to get a ticket. However, this guy is semi-literate idiot. Dont understand why these guys have so much beef with africans. Arabs had slaves from africa too and they intermarried with them and made them feel like part of the family.

  12. hacksaw97 hacksaw97

    dis is a miracle tank de lord nobody ded

  13. mariuszska1 mariuszska1

    kod reeeeeeeeeeed

  14. booopdooop booopdooop

    This video is a prime example of how bonkers the system is today, fat cats thinking they have a divine right to screw people over at any cost.

  15. markhorneyuk markhorneyuk

    he might be a nigger to you mate, but I shake his hand for what he done to that traffic warden.

  16. billionare101 billionare101

    he should have stamed on the wardens mouth then stab him in the eye socket, parking warden scum

  17. mickey8971 mickey8971

    what a load of bollox . ncp manager said his employee couldnt work after what a load of bollox i saw him in his cab 2 days after…

  18. booopdooop booopdooop

    Ian Wright is a typical fuckin’ nigger. I’d shoot the fuckin man.

  19. mickosabian mickosabian

    camilla’s a fuckin’ grass, nosey old bat!

  20. Arsenalgooner331 Arsenalgooner331

    uh, no

  21. ro579 ro579

    Ian Wright is a complete idiot.

  22. Ho0ligGan Ho0ligGan

    Ian Wright Wright Wright, top man should have floored the warden though

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