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  1. tim10076 tim10076

    He had an amazing hunger to score goals and he would fight lost causes etc.
    what a player!

  2. weatherallc05 weatherallc05

    @biscuitsdoitforfree well how much time would it cost ya?

  3. biscuitsdoitforfree biscuitsdoitforfree

    @weatherallc05 so I should take time out of my life to make ungrateful cunts like you happy??

  4. weatherallc05 weatherallc05

    mate, why dont u upload all the goals , rather than just be a tightwad

  5. weatherallc05 weatherallc05

    limpar was fucking class

  6. weatherallc05 weatherallc05

    @maradona524 bullshit, ian wright is supposed to score not fucking be unselfish

  7. weatherallc05 weatherallc05

    grrr can we have some real commentary

  8. CrismusBonus CrismusBonus

    Why can’t Arsenal play like this anymore?
    Oh yeah, no Ian Wright, that’s why!
    Sign him up Wenger, we don’t care that he’s 47!

  9. danmartn94 danmartn94

    I wish todays soccer was like this pure individualism ian wright you have my respect.

  10. Jman11695 Jman11695

    Ian Wright won the league in the 1997/1998 season.
    Learn your facts before you slate him muppet.

  11. maradona524 maradona524

    @Mufflemonsta009 you fucking mug Ian Wright was a failure at internatinal level and at club level he was steady at best scored goals and played for himself but never won the league Nicolas Anelka did that for him at the age of 17

  12. Mufflemonsta009 Mufflemonsta009

    @maradona524 You sir, are a retarded jizzgagger, with no conception of real talent.

  13. foladinho foladinho

    WHAT AN ABSOLUTE LEGEND …one of those players you could put your house on when he was one on one with the keeper … up there with the likes of ronaldo (fat)

  14. birthza258 birthza258


  15. Hydro2oo9 Hydro2oo9

    legend. We don’t have players like wrighty in the england side anymore. They are all a bunch of cunts who play for the national side nowadays. He may not have been amazing for england, but he was a proper pro. The only downside to him was for the fact he played for burnley. But neverless, legend.

  16. TheLeeJohn TheLeeJohn

    the first legend of arsenal.

  17. g0oner4life1 g0oner4life1

    LEGEND.pure classss

  18. davesmith7891 davesmith7891


    There’s a word for people like you: cunt.

  19. benmarks1984 benmarks1984

    Why on earth he didnt get selected for Euro 92′ by Graham Taylor il never know. that 91/92 season he was unbeliveble, by far the best striker in the country and yet he wasnt even in the squad!!! Shearer hit is peak after 92 and Wrighty never got a fair look in with England after that

  20. maradona524 maradona524

    @biscuitsdoitforfree No he does not he was bench warming it was Nicolas Anelka and Bergkamp who won the league that year wright was just a bottle job year in year out he fucked it up yet he played in a team with the best back 4 and goalie!

  21. maradona524 maradona524

    @robbietk94 Mate he never won the premier league he was sat on the bench picking splinters up all he won was 1 fa cup a cup winners medal and a league cup when wenger came he was a bench warmer not good enough to play and not a team player its why he was shite for england Tony Adams said it right when he stated had Ian Wright been in the 98 team they would not have won the league as he was too greedy and selfish!

  22. robbietk94 robbietk94

    Wrights medals:
    1 Barclays Premiership Medal
    2 FA Cup Medals
    1 Cup Winners’ Cup Medal
    1 League Cup Medal

    Plus, who cares if he’s greedy, he was a striker, he’s not supposed to pass it back to his central-midfielder, he’s supposed to stick it in the net, something Arsenal really need right now.

  23. JetFighters JetFighters

    @MyOpaque Jack Wilshire will.

  24. zzpot1000 zzpot1000

    possibly one of the best strikers ever

  25. johnny67448 johnny67448

    his prime, he did everything he could to help them achieve it. He still hit 10 league goals in 97/98, a good return.

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