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  1. slentzz slentzz

    in your dreams bitch their all fukin shit

  2. watchMEshyne watchMEshyne

    who are you trying to fool with this half-caste bullshit. it means nothing, anton is not a part of the white community, and its laughable for mixed raced morons to suggest otherwise. his mother is white and thats where the connection ends. its not the responsibility of the white population to see a mixed person as ” one of us”, just because a white women slept with a black person.

  3. thepassionwithin thepassionwithin

    You see people these (Half-Caste) and (Quarter-Caste) babies that these White men and women Create and Bring into the world both 50% and 75% belong to Europe since it is the Sexual Organs of a White European person that is 50% and 75% responsible for there very lives and Existance in this world. There is no such thing as a Mixed-Race continent.

  4. thepassionwithin thepassionwithin

    First off to all you Sicko,s out there, Anton Ferdinand is not Black he is (Half-Caste) since he was 50% Created Produced and Invented by a White European person, Anton is just as much White as he is Black, So if John Terry wants to call him a Black cunt thats fine, But he should also call him a White cunt to since he is just as White as he is Black.John Terry is to dumb to realise that Anton Ferdinand is Half of his White Race. So he may aswell call his own White nutt sack a Black cunt too.

  5. hypers9 hypers9

    lol gerrard as if id say joe heart hes worked hard for england i dont agree wiv takin the arm band away from some one who hasnt been proven guity but as its happen i think joe heart should have it and lampard shud b co-cap

  6. 1958jimmymac 1958jimmymac

    I am fervently anti-racist,but I will offer that in a highly emotionally-charged game, people do and say stupid things,and I don’t believe that JT is a “racist”. He is a great,passionate player and we need to stand back a bit and listen to what he has to say on the matter!

  7. CrackinCrew CrackinCrew

    Ian Wright is usually a loud mouthed prick, but he is absolutely right on this one.

  8. locsman locsman

    ian wright is a legend and you r a gutter rat

  9. Stukenny46 Stukenny46

    @itsjustslippedin dude u chat shit,”racism”is a tool used to divide society,i got black friends who agree 100%,you totally missed the point,if i call someone a fat,skinny,ugly,lankey cunt etc a fuss wont be kicked up but if the word black is used im a racist

  10. itjustslippedin itjustslippedin

    You’ve just answered your own question. Terry should’ve called him a cunt & left it at that. If I called your mum a few choice words, I think you’d be pretty upset. If you say no, then there’s something wrong with you. By mentioning race, you include everyone of that race to be involved, worldwide.

  11. itjustslippedin itjustslippedin

    Just words yeah! Your mum is a fucking whore that has sucked the dick of tramps. Don’t worry mate, it’s just words. Grow up!

  12. 10YNWA10 10YNWA10

    it would be an insult to gerrard, as well as to both ferdinands and lampard, to keep terry as captain

  13. Stukenny46 Stukenny46

    An whats this about gerrard should be captain,is this the same gerrard who now gets injured as soon as he puts hes boots on,this whole “racism”thing is bollox-ITS JUST WORDS!

  14. Stukenny46 Stukenny46

    Ian wright is a cunt,the moment these footballers grow some an stop crying every time their called a name the better,an whats the difference if i call ian a cunt or a black cunt,maybe he can argue that he aint a cunt but hes black aint he?


    There’s no smoke without fire, pal.

  16. ValenciaFan1 ValenciaFan1

    He is so wright, 100 % agreed!

  17. skilledtrailers skilledtrailers

    “who the fuck are you???” — Is that a joke? Do a search for Ian Wright you ignorant dope. You’ve just your exposed your lack of football knowledge.

  18. fbbluv fbbluv

    awww Ian Wright nailed it! .. Listen fools, how come uk preaches other countries about race human right etc when England captain does it? And when someone accused of sexual harassment etc get suspended until the matter resolved, it’s a normal procedure.. £uck JT nicks mate’s bird etc .. Gerrard is better England Captain!

  19. Glenfunnyman Glenfunnyman

    You can’t beat an intelligent response can you? Brilliant.

  20. shafyl shafyl

    yet to see an Asian footballer from pakistan etc..

  21. nimasha83 nimasha83


  22. mikeph93 mikeph93

    He’s One of the top best strikers that ever played in the premier league, who are you?

  23. mikeph93 mikeph93

    Fuck what people say, this does make sence, he deserved getting the armband taken from him coz he never deserved to get it back in the first place…..

    Gerrard would actually deserve the armband

  24. olegsi123 olegsi123

    emmm, let me think, was he found guilty on that??? and yes, I’m Celsea fan

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