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  1. mikeypezza mikeypezza

    ‘ he isn’t in charge of the players’ err if you say so slaphead. ‘wheras
    AVB had to go with most powerful dressing roomt heres ever been… terry
    lampard, dorgba cechs” lmao! there all there except drogba!

  2. mikeypezza mikeypezza

    ‘always argues with hierarchy, did at Val an Lpool’ actually he didn’t
    argue with the V board, your confused because he left due to lack of
    funding, they have a good relationship. He argued with the Lpool board,
    well Fu* me an call me sally! The 2 cowboys who made lies every week an
    brought the club into administration, how dare he! who are these idiotic
    slap heads being brought to give opinions. ‘He could had been arrested for
    2 years?’ slap head mentally ill?

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