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Soccer Pundit Ian Wright is mad at statement of West Ham United playmaker Dimitri Payet. The France international recently admitted that he was open to the idea of going back to his former club Marseille in his home country. The Euro 2016 star said: “Marseille have a new project which seems interesting. Marseille know how attached I am to the club. When I talk about it, I say the best possible thing, because that is what I think, so why not.” This made the former Arsenal star blast Payet. Wright opined that Payet’s comments would anger West Ham fans, adding that he “thinks [Payet] is out of order coming out to say stuff like that.” “I think what you see with his is somebody that, up until this point, has obviously had an attitude problem and a consistency problem. Now that we are seeing a little bit of consistency from him, he is holding West Ham to ransom,” Wright added.

Ian Wright Talks About Social Media And Other Things

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Ian Wright is a legend in his own right. Even today he is considered a legendary player of Arsenal. He expressed admiration for his fellow players as well like Mesut Ozil. The match that was played between Slovakia and Germany in the current Euro tournament says Wright commenting on the admirable playing skills of Mesut Ozil. He stated how he would have loved to play along with Ozil. Wright admired the playing strategy of Gunners in the game. He also stood by Mesut at a time when he needed more of encouragement and less of criticism as other experts were piling on the player. Ian has been crucial in following the game strategies of the Arsenal team and whether they have been doing right by the players who have been contributing to the wins and losses.