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Cottee Helped Ian Wright Playing for Arsenal

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Tony Cottee, who is remarkably known for his performances in West Ham United, Leicester City, and Everton, has recently revealed that he was very close to signing the contract for Arsenal in the year 1988 for a move that would have seen him in place of Ian Wright. Ian then played for Crystal Palace and the Gunners were very much interested to take up him. He also explained how he planned to ruin the move for Ian Wright to the club before he joined the Everton. Wright became the record goal-scorer for the Arsenal club in the future and Highbury legend too. Tony said some of the fans for Arsenal have asked him the reasons for not choosing Arsenal at that time. In reply, he said that if he would have signed for the club then, they would not have seen the performances by Ian Wright because he would not have signed the contract for the club.  He stated that there were 50-50 chances for him at the Gunners. He could have done a lot of things for the club or could have simply got injured and not play any of the matches for them.