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  1. TheNobody1998 TheNobody1998


  2. DanteDevilDan DanteDevilDan

    0:25 LMAO!!!!!!

  3. bigfoot724 bigfoot724

    That is the best lap i have ever seen in my life!

  4. JohnWC134 JohnWC134


  5. Riogh3 Riogh3

    freakin’ wild

  6. iamsd1 iamsd1

    @mrsrd66 yh lol

  7. Laurboc Laurboc

    0:48 EPIC!!!!!!!!!!! BEST!!!

  8. J0elN J0elN

    Epic lap!

  9. Shifthead1 Shifthead1

    2 wheel drive was LOL! WHOLE LAP WAS EPIC!

  10. Noobsaibot21 Noobsaibot21

    He’s always been bat shit insane. Great lap 🙂

  11. hamster639 hamster639

    0.17 pmsl

  12. mrsrd66 mrsrd66

    clarkson says he cant watch when the lap is over lol

  13. LichKingOfWoW LichKingOfWoW

    0:26 was the best shout EVER on the track XD

  14. Sp33d3v1l Sp33d3v1l

    loooooool, never give him a race car


    fucking funniest lap ever

  16. vivaSchumi7 vivaSchumi7

    :26 BAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. wondereyedrive wondereyedrive

    best top gear guest ever! funny as dude!

  18. lawlor95 lawlor95

    the part at 0:15 0:19 is halarious!!! e a nutter… pity e played for arsenal!!!

  19. funnights74 funnights74


  20. tech951 tech951

    His interview is also FUNNY as hell with the stories he tells.

  21. smithyblue123 smithyblue123

    Ian Wright Ex Footballer and a mad and funny driver but what a legend.

  22. nrvanasobeamstel nrvanasobeamstel

    best lap ever, it does pay off to drive it like a lunatic!

  23. Noobsaibot21 Noobsaibot21

    That last corner was taken beautifully IMO

  24. Aterspell Aterspell


  25. stokeylad09 stokeylad09

    yh that has gotta be the craziest lap ever lol.respect to the man haha!!

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