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Former Arsenal striker Ian Wright has said that it would be a travesty for Chelsea if they do not finish in the top four this season. Chelsea are currently facing a battle alongside the likes of Arsenal and Tottenham for the finish in the top four in the Premier league this season. Failure to do so will result in loss of income to the tune of £ 40 million next season, which will prevent Chelsea from complying with the UEFA fair play rules. According to the new rules and regulations from UEFA, clubs should not lose more than £ 37 million over a two-year period. Chelsea’s annual losses amount to around £ 65 million.

In such a scenario, the lack of the Champions League money will hurt the prospects of Chelsea in the long-term according to Ian Wright. Further, they will also be unable to attract the players like Edin Hazard of Lille, who is rumoured to cost around £ 35 million. Chelsea goalkeeper Cech recently admitted that it would be a major disappointment for Chelsea if they do not finish in the top four. The recent run of form for Arsenal coupled with the run of poor results until the sacking of Andre Villas-Boas has meant that Chelsea are currently in the fifth position in the table.

“Fair play to Petr Cech for being honest and admitting it would be ‘a lost season’ if Chelsea are not in the competition next term. We are always hearing players at big clubs coming out with the same old predictable lines, so I have great respect for Cech being honest. He is right as Chelsea could face numerous problems if they fail to reach the Champions League,” Wright said. He also said that Chelsea will struggle to attract the best place in the world without the Champions League football.