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  1. KayalarYusuf KayalarYusuf

    I’m in this video. from 0:30 – 0:42 just behind Boris Johnson’s left ear. I’m in the light and dark blue Wycombe shirt. Had my photo taken with Ian Wright too 😀

  2. bigscolari bigscolari

    Ian Wright and Boris Johnson have been good friends for years.

    An unlikely pairing, considering Ian Wright has a criminal background.

  3. strathpipe strathpipe

    @manutdsalfordreds :¬)

  4. manutdsalfordreds manutdsalfordreds

    @strathpipe Oh yes he IS lol

  5. strathpipe strathpipe

    @manutdsalfordreds OH no he’s Not………Seasonal or What!….lol

  6. manutdsalfordreds manutdsalfordreds

    @strathpipe He Is English as far as i’m concerned if you are born here you are English that’s how i look at it and many more

  7. BritishSnail BritishSnail

    Brutal, merciless Cameron is an embarrassment to this country on a global level.
    Thanks for your support Wills.
    What on earth do these individuals know about surviving sickness, disability, pain and increasing poverty? One third (and rising) of the disabled in this country live below the poverty line, per the EU.
    I’m pleased the world is disgusted and that it does not support evil.

  8. RudiVanDizzario RudiVanDizzario

    obstacles to English success were: “Russia, and their own English arrogance.”

  9. SonOfTheWhiteDragon SonOfTheWhiteDragon

    Two non-Englishmen pushing the ‘english’ bid and failing.
    Well done Britain.

  10. TheLargeJesus TheLargeJesus

    @charlieiscool1000 Almost, maybe if ya’s weren’t paying Ireland their 800 years land rent then you’s could’ve bribed them FIFA officials a lot more, but hey ho, you’ve gotta laugh, at least now ya’s won’t be getting put out in the first stage in front of a home crowd, ya shower of limey fucktards.

  11. TheLargeJesus TheLargeJesus

    Close but no cigar ya’s limey cunts, ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha *inhale* ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.

  12. coalfires coalfires

    David Beckham, David Cameron and Prince William are not bidding in this, they are B E G G I N G !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. coalfires coalfires

    David Beckham, David Cameron and Prince William are not bidding in this, they are B E G G I N G !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. strathpipe strathpipe

    Almost feel sorry for that guy Wright he’s so desperate to be english (no ambition) but Never can be 🙂

  15. JMurray1996 JMurray1996

    BBC RUIN OUR CHANCE TO HOST: watch?v=2ojtVm_ds80

  16. bobalobs1 bobalobs1

    please don’t bring the world cup here, we don’t want it. football playing prima donnas and foul mouthed fans. let export them to spain or portugal not bring them here.
    I want to thank the BBC foe showing that programme

  17. dburford9 dburford9

    Apparantly Englands world cup bid is ruined because of The Sunday Times investigation into corruption within Fifa. What has the Sunday Times got to do with Englands bid?!!? They are not part of our bid. Why is Englands bid taking the blame for this? The Sunday Times has found faults within Fifa’s board and has done Fifa a favor. Sepp Blatter should take this up with The Sunday Times and not blame it on Englands bid and by doing so he is offending English people.

  18. charlieiscool1000 charlieiscool1000

    oh yes coz that old cunt ken was great wasnt he just coz boris shows national pride somthing that ken was very against that anti English pro IRA pro musilm Pro terrtoirst loving bastard at least boris nd ian wright are proud ken seemed to be ashamed of everything to do with london if it didnt invole immgrants

  19. batttyboi batttyboi


  20. iankeane100 iankeane100

    WORLD CUP SONG, The Fans get BBC deal with We Are England song with punk band The Divs
    check it out , buy it , make it a hit!
    Go ON wrighty we love you mate

  21. mistaben2k mistaben2k

    Please Ian don’t lower yourself by being friendly with that b’stard Boris Jonson,he’s a terrible mayor,has London improved since he took over?

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