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  1. 2680Tariq 2680Tariq

    “Hit long by seamen” PAHAHAHAHAHAHA


    0:20 its hitler!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. J786i J786i

    Goalie looks like a mix between Owen Coyle and Hitler 😛

  4. Spotz2000 Spotz2000

    The defender and the goalie, were both goners.

  5. mau5bounce mau5bounce

    @MrRenoog /watch?v=9HtUv1QyrO4

  6. mau5bounce mau5bounce

    For a moment i thought the goalie was owen coyle

  7. momo2cool4skool momo2cool4skool

    not much skill there… exaggerated a bit too much there!!!

  8. mcjuvey1 mcjuvey1


  9. deptford deptford

    Neville Standstill :O)

  10. MegaColdasice MegaColdasice

    WRIGHT is my all time favourite player with bergkamp and henry!!, i fucking miss his moments and his attitude ,skill,flair and determination… wright your the man!!!!!

  11. adinnin adinnin

    Southall was about 68 at that point..

    I agree though amazing goal… god I loved that man !!!

  12. dontcallme02 dontcallme02

    @MrRenoog As a Spurs fan I would still agree with that.

  13. moonlightdriver800 moonlightdriver800

    this is amazing skill, perfect. One of the best goals ever.

  14. Rottwhine Rottwhine


    Made even more impressive by the fact that the goalkeeper is one of the greatest to ever grace the game.

  15. MrRenoog MrRenoog

    Younger Arsenal fans tend to remember Ian Wright as a poacher.

    While he didn’t have the creativity or selflessness of Thierry Henry, some of his goals were just as good as the Frenchman’s. There are plenty of brilliant lobs and chips he scored in his time, maybe one day someone will dedicate a proper video to him.

  16. ChrisRead7 ChrisRead7

    @Asfrid neville southall of everton.

  17. Asfrid Asfrid

    who was the goalkeeper? fuck I think that isn’t Chelsea, is Everton.

  18. TheGooners13 TheGooners13

    ian wright wright wright!

  19. tovia4singer tovia4singer

    ian wright, i just remmebr that volley against utd even though we lost the charity shield, giggs half cleared it, smichael just stood still and didnt knwo waht hit him!

  20. ahsansarsenal ahsansarsenal

    these are the goals which usually start with the scorer’s first touch.

    When they reach the net, it is just the ending..

    it was in from the moment he touches that ball …. A magnificent finish from a soccer phenomenon….

  21. zz5fosho zz5fosho


  22. juniorlp27 juniorlp27

    Amazing, The Goalie doesnt even Move. Priceless!

  23. TheLion98 TheLion98


  24. 3alaiwii 3alaiwii

    Legend !!

  25. deleeros deleeros

    ante gamisou re mounopano, tsimpoukia mas ekanes stin toumpa

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