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  1. Heisenberg Heisenberg

    @fcknpoeth You twat, did you actually watch the video

  2. Northstander Northstander

    @karezza6 JT shagged Wayne Bridge’s missus…allegedly JT may have racially
    abused Anton Ferdinand…jury still on call for that one.

  3. MorrisonNo8 MorrisonNo8

    uncle tom….meaning he acts like a white,what a load of bollocks!

  4. fcknpoeth fcknpoeth

    ian wright is a hypocrite , does anyone remember the incident from his
    arsenal days where he was caught on camera mouthing the words , ” you
    fucking white cunt ” during a match , i do , and in my eyes this guy is an
    absolute joke for expecting that everyone has forgotten about it , i can’t
    take ian wright seriously anymore , to me he is just jumping on the
    bandwagon … racist prick

  5. alfredthegreatestuk alfredthegreatestuk

    fabio was right to tell the FA to shove their job.

  6. kev dufc kev dufc

    cappelo’s the 1 thats laughing all the way to the bank! stuff yer english
    job iam off home for a cup a tea 20 million up

  7. 5calvo5 5calvo5

    @spiceislerep Nice punctuation dude.

  8. magadee1000 magadee1000

    @100candle All Sluts marry football players. Whould you marry this ugly
    person if he was just normal. Ian Wright I served him in my own Hi-fi shop,
    he is the most racist you come across.

  9. djdesire7 djdesire7

    @SuperMondo81 OMG u can clearly see what he says to Anton Ferdinand so in
    my eys he is 100% guilty!

  10. idesireit31 idesireit31

    @spiceislerep i agree 100% most black footballers dont know themselves!

  11. 100candle 100candle

    @magadee1000 Ian Wright is NOT racist, his partner and mother of his child
    is white

  12. SuperMondo81 SuperMondo81

    Stripping him of the captaincy is a punishment. He should be allowed to
    captain his country until he has been judged. What if he turns out to be
    innocent and he has missed the chance to captain his country at a major
    tournament for something he hasn’t done?

  13. bubblo600 bubblo600

    loves his masters,sell out.


    The US has released a list of the Porn found in Osama’s house 1 – Ramadan
    her throat 2 – Jihad a good time 3 – Martyrs of ass destruction 4 – Hide in
    my cave 5 – Twang my tali-banjo string 6 – Al show you my Qaeda 7 – Get it
    allah inside her 8 – Burqa Bitches 14: All Allah, All Anal

  15. freshlineproductions freshlineproductions

    why defend terry? he’s had his time, played his part, now he’s an old,
    disrespectful, racist cunt it is time for him to move on. I wish to never
    have to see the pricks face playing professional football again

  16. bad bwoy bad bwoy

    wrighty house negro

  17. puddingpan puddingpan

    @laetior Maybe if they didnt invade and “rape” and colonise these countries
    in the first place these people wouldn`t feel the need to “flood” these
    white countries now.

  18. carl478 carl478

    for something he hasn’t done, the video evidence proved otherwise. He said
    he thought Anton accused him of saying it 1st, and Anton didnt have a clue
    what was said until afterwards. Now im no master genius or anything, but
    you would have to be mentally retarded or a die hard Chelsea fan to believe
    his story. He should have stepped away himself until the dust was settled
    instead of waiting for the FA to act.

  19. trikerj1 trikerj1

    wrighty a legend

  20. retrojaxed2 retrojaxed2

    @spiceislerep can i have your address?

  21. zxychesatz349 zxychesatz349

    Ian Wright talks a lot of sense. He has said that if he’s called a ‘black
    cunt’ it’s the ‘cunt’ bit that he objects to because he acknowledges the
    fact that he is actually black!

  22. Pattadoren Pattadoren

    @SuperMondo81 Spot on.

  23. SuperMondo81 SuperMondo81

    @TheMark0123 why not please explain?

  24. mckyle9 mckyle9

    @fcknpoeth did you even listen to this interview? He didn’t accuse terry of
    anything and said he’s innocent to proven guilty :S

  25. ellisoned ellisoned

    @sweetbieberlove dickhead

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